iLearnCC Surveys

Do you like surveys? How about that one that tells us which breed of dog most represents our personality? We like that one. I’m a Boxer. 

Here are some surveys you can sink your teeth into. They will help you understand what is going on in your call center:

The Culture and Environment of a
Customer-centric Call Center:

Are your people facing barriers as they try
to provide a great customer experience?

Uncover the problems today and set things right.
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Employee Training, Staffing, and Incentives
in a Customer-centric Call Center:

Employees want to satisfy customers, but they need an incredible amount of support.
How does the support you are currently providing add up to customer satisfaction and loyalty?
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Take one survey, or take them both. Take them as many times as you want. Any time you want, you can go to your Dashboard and review the survey.

As you go through the survey, notice that each question requires an answer. Pick the answer you think is best. After answering all the questions, click "Submit." We will provide you with a percentile score and a recommendation just for you about the next step you can take on your road to customer centricity.

To take our surveys, you will need to have a user name and password. Don’t worry. We won’t share your answers with any one. If you would like to use our surveys as a continuous improvement tool... well, OK! They will always be there for you alone to access and re-take.

In the future, we might get your permission to use your score anonymously—no one will know what score belongs to you—to combine with others and see how well our community is doing in moving toward customer centricity.